Thursday, December 15, 2011

Work It Songs

Because let's face it…
I need some ROCKIN' songs when I'm trying to rock my abs.

And yes when I just can't do another reverse crunch or sit up
I just move to the music!

That counts right?

(Total play time is 16 min)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Farmers Market Freshness

Farmers Markets.
Why have I not visited you more?
The sweet smell of fresh produce
and all your yummy samples for Tre to get his hands on.

I don't know how it happened but I had TWO Saturdays off
in a row!  That's basically unheard of!
So I took advantage and went to our local Farmers Market
BOTH Saturdays.

Tre couldn't keep his hands out of the raspberries.
It was super cute.

The following Saturday my sister-in-law and I went and loaded up our bags with freshness.

That night dinner was a most scrumptious Salad filled with
Pepper and
Sugar Dot Corn on the cob and
Brown Sugar Bourbon Chicken.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Introduced to Skinny Jeans

Number 3 on my Life List is "Get Some Fashion." And boy do I need it! I don't know what it is but every time I go shopping I come home with NOTHING! I just can't seem to get into the oversized shirts that are off the shoulder and up past your belly button. Then again I have to admit that I haven't been fair at giving some new trends a chance. And to top it all off I'm not in a city that has a wide variety or good selection of stores. Blah.

Enter… Portland, OR
Enter…Forever 21

Our little family took a weekend trip to Portland recently and I was so excited to do some shopping! 

 I walked around the first store a couple times and picked up 2 really boring shirts. I couldn't believe it! I wasn't finding anything! Then I told myself to step out of my boring black and white wardrobe and try something totally different.

I went to the dressing room with two armfuls of colorful shirts and new pieces…including skinny jeans (no they aren't the newest thing but I have never even tried them!). Mr was SO SUPRISED when he came back to see my outfit…He loved it!

It's a work in progress but I'm loving the new colors and pieces that I've tried.

Shirt: Forever 21
Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Buckle
Do you see my tangerine nail polish?  Love it!

Jacket: Forever 21
Flower: H&M

Pictures by: Photography By Claire

Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Op Backdrop Tutorial

When I started blogging I knew tutorials would be my downfall.  I'm not a creator, I'm a copier.  I love doing all the tutorials I come across in blogland but coming up with one of my own was out of the picture!  But then it happened...I got asked to be a part of a surprise birthday party for a friend and I just went crazy!  The theme: 90s Dance Club.  And of course I'm a picture freak so I needed something fun for pictures.  So as I'm making this I realize..."I just came up with something all on my own!"  And I was so proud of myself.  Yay! 

Here goes my Photo Op Backdrop Tutorial.

What you need:
Newsprint or Butcher Paper
Red and Black Spray Paint

First cut out your desired design to make a stencil.  

I used my cricket and made 3 just in case I messed up.

Next I rolled out two long sheets of newsprint.  Make sure they are tall enough that you can stand in front of it and it is taller than you.

You want to make a frame for your stencil so when you spray paint you're not getting the paint everywhere.  I used more newsprint, cut a piece much larger than the stencil, cut out the middle and taped the stencil in place.  Like so...

I covered up the heart because it was going to be a different color.

Start painting!  The spray paint dried really fast so I didn't have to wait in between stencils to move on to the next one.

After I got all the black painted I made another framed stencil for just the heart that was going to be red and then painted each one.

And then I made another one!  Then you can fit more people in front of it.

Maybe I should have worn gloves.

Simple craft, super fast and super fly!

What do you think?  Good tutorial?  Have you done anything like this before?  I would love to see other I can copy!

P.S.  I'm linking up here…

Thirty Hand Made Days

Monday, August 8, 2011

Secrets To A Happy 40 Years

Lately I've been thinking a lot about relationships.  Specifically marriage relationships.  I've had a lot of opportunities lately to chat with friends about marriage, observe couples in love, observe couples that are struggling, observe relationships that are suffering and relationships that are fighting to win.  It's troubling to see so many marriages that end in heartache and separation.  And it's exciting to see marriages that have made it through thick and thin!  40 years!  Holding hands in the park!
Kissing in the kitchen! 
That's my parents.

How cute are they!?!

Mom and Dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this year!  Looking back my parents were never really "open" with us about their relationship...but they didn't have to be because we all saw it in their actions.  Dad was always so patient and kind.  Mom supported Dad in everything he did.  They held hands all the time and we could always catch them sneaking a kiss in the kitchen.  And when they were apart they would call every night and not want to be the first to hang up the phone.  They are like two teenagers in love!

I asked Mom to share with me some secrets to a happy marriage.


*MASSAGES - great on SO many levels!
*He goes to TWILIGHT with you - he gets to watch Swamp People on TV.
*COMPLIMENT his ties (besides, you picked them out!)
*He brings you flowers - just because.
*He did diapers for all those years, cloth diapers. 
*Don't decorate the bedroom like a girl - or any other room.  Heck, we have a Willy Nelson bathroom!
*He bought concert tickets to 3 Dog Night (A WHILE ago!). That was a big thing when we had so little.
*Once you have kids, have a Daddy Appreciation Dinner at least once a year...the menu, the hand-drawn pictures, the favorite foods...he deserves kudos!
*Remember how much you loved each other when you were dating - and remember - and remember!
(this next one is my favorite)
*One day it happens - You want to be with him all the time, hold hands, kiss and hug - and you're over 60 years old, and the beginning's kinda fuzzy, and the other side seems way too clear and way too close, and you never ever want to be without him.  That's what 40 years of love does to you.

Thank you Mom and Dad for your love of each other and love for your family!

Mr. and I are celebrating our 6th anniversary on August 11th!  I can't believe it's been six years!  I'm not as wise as Mom yet but I have learned a few things in my 6 years...but I'll share those with you in my anniversary post!  Keep you waiting!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Nail Color

I've never been one to wear a color on my nails.  Nude and a very light pink is what I've worn for the longest time.  I feel like my nails are bigger than other peoples so putting color on them just makes them look humongous!

Maybe that's just me.

But I've decided to be brave…and so far I've LOVED it!

Check out the bright and lovely colors I've picked out to wear this summer!  
I'm a cheap nail polish buyer.  That way I can get a ton of colors for the price of one bottle of other brands.  And of course I bought them from Target!

I've tried all the colors already and surprisingly I really like all of them!
The Tangerine might be my favorite.

The pictures fuzzy but oh well.
I keep my nails really short when I put a color on them
so they don't look bigger than they are.  hehehe 

Tre couldn't keep his hands off the nail polish bottles!  It took forever to get a picture where his hand wasn't in it grabbing one of the bottles.  But he's super cute so he can get away with it.

So go for it!  Put some fun color on those nails this summer!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Life List

Celebrating the last year of my twenties is great but I know I won't get everything accomplished in ONE year so I started creating my Life List.

1. Run a Marathon
2. Get a firm booty
3. Get some fashion
4. Learn to play the ukelele
5. Learn photography
6. Understand the Art of Couponing
7. Go whale watching
8. Organize my families photos (the ones my mom has)
9. Keep a journal consistantly for a whole year
10. Swim with dolphins
11. Backpack across Europe
12. Go to Disneyland with my family
13. Own a home
14. Own a business
15. Take photoshop class
16. Take a photography class
17. Write a letter to Baba Joe (my grandpa)
18. Bake a perfect loaf of bread
19. Have food storage for a year
20. Ball Room Dance with Mr
21. Have a RAOK birthday
22. Eat at an outside cafe in Pais
23. Skydive (maybe not...wait, I could do it...or not...yes I can!)
24. Take Mr to Ellsworth, WI (where I was born)
25. Run a 5K
26. Get a makeover from What Not To Wear...or from Whippy Cake!
27. Get hair extensions
28. Have a card published by Hallmark
29. Visit the east coast
30. Stand in Times Square
31. Learn Hula
32.  Remember ALL my family members birthdays…And send cards.
33.  Participate in a fundraiser for Diabetes research.

(I'm sure I will be adding to this as I think of other things that are must dos!)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mustache Fun

I don't know what it is but my love for mustaches is overflowing!  Look at all these fun things I found on Pintrest! (Just requested my invite so I don't have my own page just yet.)

 Mustache Art

 Men and their Staches and a kitty
Mustache Makes.  Love the nails!

Just for fun.  Maybe it's time to plan a Stache Party!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chocolate Caramel Tart Recipe

I really think the title says it all right?
I mean who could resist anything with chocolate, caramel, and tart all in one title!

So I came across this AMAZING blog while following
 another awesome blog. 
(Two favorite blogs in one sentence.  That might be better than the title!)

These recipes are all so mouth watering and tempting.  And at first glance a little intimidating.  But then I came across the Chocolate Caramel Tart and could not resist. 

First thing I do whenever I'm making something new and there are terms and ingredients that I've never heard of....Call my sweet mother!  Have a baking question?  Ask my mom...she knows it all! 

So after I found out what "blind baking" and "creme fraiche" were I headed to the store and got started.  And guess what!?!  It really wasn't that hard!  I mean this is a recipe you could really impress your friends with.

The result…

Pure goodness.

Oh you have to try this!
Make sure you invite friends over so you don't eat it all yourself and go into a diabetic coma!

Monday, April 25, 2011

To All My Peeps

One thing you will learn about me...
I'm GREAT at copying and borrowing.
Be it crafts
workout tips
I'm Good.

My BEST FRIEND Korynn and her family have a family Easter tradition I remember them always doing.  This year (now having a family of my own) I decided I wanted to borrow their tradition and make it a part of our family. Thank you Glood Family for being so awesome!


Killing PEEPS
Muha Muha Muha (evil laugh)
Death by Beheading
Death by Cannibalism
Death by Blow Torch
Death by Drowning
Death by Stand Off
Death by Firing Squad
Death by Hanging
Death by Smoooshing!

This was fun!

P.S. This is Korynn...the bestie...Picture taken in High School!  Go Raiders!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Spy

Found a blog recently that I L.O.V.E so today we are linking up!

I'm always so amazed at the pictures on everyones blogs.  Their houses are CLEAN and have all been fabulously decorated!  Um...not mine.  SO I took pictures that hid all my messes.  hehehe

Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Happening...

It's Happening
This Week
The Day Of My Birth

I'm doing it
I'm setting a goal and letting the world know
Please don't get upset if I let you down and don't actually accomplish this goal
Applauds and woo hoos are always welcome


Yup, that's my goal.  
I mean I was SUPER hot before I had my little bundle of energy.
(over two years ago now)

No actual numbers or anything but I'm gonna do it!
But there's weight to be lost and toning to tone. 

It's really not that much.  
I just have this HORRIBLE problem of not staying motivated. 
Please share.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Introductions Seem To Be In Order

Hi.  I'm Dinah.
I have a horrible memory, 
two different thumbs,
love to pull weeds, 
play a mean air violin,
have never mowed a lawn,
can't burp,


I'm turning 29 this year. (soon. March 29th)
I know I know...It's not like 29 is that big of a deal, but you know what is?  
Yeah, I'm going to be ONE year away from 30!  
My twenties are quickly coming to a close.  

So I'm starting this blog.  
I'm going to make the last year of my twenties the best year of my twenties!

Yes I have goals and ideas and but it's probably best if I don't list them all up front because then when I don't accomplish them all nobody will know but me. hehehe

Let's party!