Monday, August 8, 2011

Secrets To A Happy 40 Years

Lately I've been thinking a lot about relationships.  Specifically marriage relationships.  I've had a lot of opportunities lately to chat with friends about marriage, observe couples in love, observe couples that are struggling, observe relationships that are suffering and relationships that are fighting to win.  It's troubling to see so many marriages that end in heartache and separation.  And it's exciting to see marriages that have made it through thick and thin!  40 years!  Holding hands in the park!
Kissing in the kitchen! 
That's my parents.

How cute are they!?!

Mom and Dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this year!  Looking back my parents were never really "open" with us about their relationship...but they didn't have to be because we all saw it in their actions.  Dad was always so patient and kind.  Mom supported Dad in everything he did.  They held hands all the time and we could always catch them sneaking a kiss in the kitchen.  And when they were apart they would call every night and not want to be the first to hang up the phone.  They are like two teenagers in love!

I asked Mom to share with me some secrets to a happy marriage.


*MASSAGES - great on SO many levels!
*He goes to TWILIGHT with you - he gets to watch Swamp People on TV.
*COMPLIMENT his ties (besides, you picked them out!)
*He brings you flowers - just because.
*He did diapers for all those years, cloth diapers. 
*Don't decorate the bedroom like a girl - or any other room.  Heck, we have a Willy Nelson bathroom!
*He bought concert tickets to 3 Dog Night (A WHILE ago!). That was a big thing when we had so little.
*Once you have kids, have a Daddy Appreciation Dinner at least once a year...the menu, the hand-drawn pictures, the favorite foods...he deserves kudos!
*Remember how much you loved each other when you were dating - and remember - and remember!
(this next one is my favorite)
*One day it happens - You want to be with him all the time, hold hands, kiss and hug - and you're over 60 years old, and the beginning's kinda fuzzy, and the other side seems way too clear and way too close, and you never ever want to be without him.  That's what 40 years of love does to you.

Thank you Mom and Dad for your love of each other and love for your family!

Mr. and I are celebrating our 6th anniversary on August 11th!  I can't believe it's been six years!  I'm not as wise as Mom yet but I have learned a few things in my 6 years...but I'll share those with you in my anniversary post!  Keep you waiting!


Dakota O. said...

Awesome post :)


Dinah: Thanks for letting me peek at your awesome blog! I LOVE the photo of your folks! Congrats to them for 40 happy years (and I am a witness to their fun happy ways). Congrats also to you for 6 years on the 11th. Wow. That amazes me too. Don't ever change. Hugs, Sis Mitchell/Susan