Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Nail Color

I've never been one to wear a color on my nails.  Nude and a very light pink is what I've worn for the longest time.  I feel like my nails are bigger than other peoples so putting color on them just makes them look humongous!

Maybe that's just me.

But I've decided to be brave…and so far I've LOVED it!

Check out the bright and lovely colors I've picked out to wear this summer!  
I'm a cheap nail polish buyer.  That way I can get a ton of colors for the price of one bottle of other brands.  And of course I bought them from Target!

I've tried all the colors already and surprisingly I really like all of them!
The Tangerine might be my favorite.

The pictures fuzzy but oh well.
I keep my nails really short when I put a color on them
so they don't look bigger than they are.  hehehe 

Tre couldn't keep his hands off the nail polish bottles!  It took forever to get a picture where his hand wasn't in it grabbing one of the bottles.  But he's super cute so he can get away with it.

So go for it!  Put some fun color on those nails this summer!

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