Hi.  I'm Dinah.
I have a horrible memory, 
two different thumbs,
love to pull weeds, 
play a mean air violin,
have never mowed a lawn,
can't burp,


I'm turning 29 this year. (soon. March 29th)
I know I know...It's not like 29 is that big of a deal, but you know what is?  
Yeah, I'm going to be ONE year away from 30!  
My twenties are quickly coming to a close.  

So I'm starting this blog.  
I'm going to make the last year of my twenties the best year of my twenties!

Yes I have goals and ideas and but it's probably best if I don't list them all up front because then when I don't accomplish them all nobody will know but me. hehehe

Let's party!