Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Nail Color

I've never been one to wear a color on my nails.  Nude and a very light pink is what I've worn for the longest time.  I feel like my nails are bigger than other peoples so putting color on them just makes them look humongous!

Maybe that's just me.

But I've decided to be brave…and so far I've LOVED it!

Check out the bright and lovely colors I've picked out to wear this summer!  
I'm a cheap nail polish buyer.  That way I can get a ton of colors for the price of one bottle of other brands.  And of course I bought them from Target!

I've tried all the colors already and surprisingly I really like all of them!
The Tangerine might be my favorite.

The pictures fuzzy but oh well.
I keep my nails really short when I put a color on them
so they don't look bigger than they are.  hehehe 

Tre couldn't keep his hands off the nail polish bottles!  It took forever to get a picture where his hand wasn't in it grabbing one of the bottles.  But he's super cute so he can get away with it.

So go for it!  Put some fun color on those nails this summer!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Life List

Celebrating the last year of my twenties is great but I know I won't get everything accomplished in ONE year so I started creating my Life List.

1. Run a Marathon
2. Get a firm booty
3. Get some fashion
4. Learn to play the ukelele
5. Learn photography
6. Understand the Art of Couponing
7. Go whale watching
8. Organize my families photos (the ones my mom has)
9. Keep a journal consistantly for a whole year
10. Swim with dolphins
11. Backpack across Europe
12. Go to Disneyland with my family
13. Own a home
14. Own a business
15. Take photoshop class
16. Take a photography class
17. Write a letter to Baba Joe (my grandpa)
18. Bake a perfect loaf of bread
19. Have food storage for a year
20. Ball Room Dance with Mr
21. Have a RAOK birthday
22. Eat at an outside cafe in Pais
23. Skydive (maybe not...wait, I could do it...or not...yes I can!)
24. Take Mr to Ellsworth, WI (where I was born)
25. Run a 5K
26. Get a makeover from What Not To Wear...or from Whippy Cake!
27. Get hair extensions
28. Have a card published by Hallmark
29. Visit the east coast
30. Stand in Times Square
31. Learn Hula
32.  Remember ALL my family members birthdays…And send cards.
33.  Participate in a fundraiser for Diabetes research.

(I'm sure I will be adding to this as I think of other things that are must dos!)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mustache Fun

I don't know what it is but my love for mustaches is overflowing!  Look at all these fun things I found on Pintrest! (Just requested my invite so I don't have my own page just yet.)

 Mustache Art

 Men and their Staches and a kitty
Mustache Makes.  Love the nails!

Just for fun.  Maybe it's time to plan a Stache Party!