Monday, April 25, 2011

To All My Peeps

One thing you will learn about me...
I'm GREAT at copying and borrowing.
Be it crafts
workout tips
I'm Good.

My BEST FRIEND Korynn and her family have a family Easter tradition I remember them always doing.  This year (now having a family of my own) I decided I wanted to borrow their tradition and make it a part of our family. Thank you Glood Family for being so awesome!


Killing PEEPS
Muha Muha Muha (evil laugh)
Death by Beheading
Death by Cannibalism
Death by Blow Torch
Death by Drowning
Death by Stand Off
Death by Firing Squad
Death by Hanging
Death by Smoooshing!

This was fun!

P.S. This is Korynn...the bestie...Picture taken in High School!  Go Raiders!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Spy

Found a blog recently that I L.O.V.E so today we are linking up!

I'm always so amazed at the pictures on everyones blogs.  Their houses are CLEAN and have all been fabulously decorated!  Um...not mine.  SO I took pictures that hid all my messes.  hehehe