Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Happening...

It's Happening
This Week
The Day Of My Birth

I'm doing it
I'm setting a goal and letting the world know
Please don't get upset if I let you down and don't actually accomplish this goal
Applauds and woo hoos are always welcome


Yup, that's my goal.  
I mean I was SUPER hot before I had my little bundle of energy.
(over two years ago now)

No actual numbers or anything but I'm gonna do it!
But there's weight to be lost and toning to tone. 

It's really not that much.  
I just have this HORRIBLE problem of not staying motivated. 
Please share.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Introductions Seem To Be In Order

Hi.  I'm Dinah.
I have a horrible memory, 
two different thumbs,
love to pull weeds, 
play a mean air violin,
have never mowed a lawn,
can't burp,


I'm turning 29 this year. (soon. March 29th)
I know I know...It's not like 29 is that big of a deal, but you know what is?  
Yeah, I'm going to be ONE year away from 30!  
My twenties are quickly coming to a close.  

So I'm starting this blog.  
I'm going to make the last year of my twenties the best year of my twenties!

Yes I have goals and ideas and but it's probably best if I don't list them all up front because then when I don't accomplish them all nobody will know but me. hehehe

Let's party!