Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easy Stuff

Almost everyones asks me how I do my nails.  And to tell you the truth most of it is done with a toothpick, a nail art pen and some help from Mr.  I don't have any fancy schmancy tools and I really try not to spend a lot of time on it.  It's just something fun that adds color to my normally dull outfits.  

Birthday Nails…To go with the mustache theme.  
Polka Dots are super easy!  You can use just about anything you have laying around your house; toothpicks, cut off the end of a q-tip, pencil, pen…the list is endless.  Polka dots are also really easy to do on both hands.

These were my Easter Nails
(bad lighting)
Lines…Not as easy as polka dots (especially on your right hand…Mr to the rescue) but still something that makes it look like you put a lot of time into it.  I've tried a lot of different nail pens and Sally Hansen has won my heart.  They work great!  Now if only I could get them to make a grey pen.

Glitter Toes
Probably the easiest of all…And they have lasted for-ev-ah!
I bought some really fine glitter at Target, put on a bass coat, poured on the glitter, shook of the extra and sealed it with a clear top coat.  You should see the way these piggies sparkle in the sun!

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